Testogen is presently among the most effective testosterone boosters in the marketplace.

It consists of a high-quality blend of ingredients that could help with boosting the hormone.

But how does this compare to other popular testosterone boosters on the marketplace?


Testosterone is very important for men. It is a vital hormone that plays a role in muscle and bone growth.

Not only that, but it also affects your libido, power and overall quality of life.

The older you get, the more your testosterone drops.

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If your testosterone is low, you will probably encounter a lot of different symptoms.

A few of these symptoms include:

  • Low Power
  • Fatigued
  • Sexual Dysfunction
  • Insomnia
  • Poor Concentration
  • Decreased Muscle Tone

That is the reason it isn’t quite surprising that the majority of us want to have elevated testosterone levels.

Fortunately, are natural and safe techniques to help stimulate production.

I’m talking about testosterone boosters. Testogen is a premium brand testosterone booster.

It consists of different ingredients that may help with getting optimum hormone levels. When you have elevated testosterone levels, you can expect the following advantages:

  • Great Energy
  • Improved Concentration
  • More Focus
  • Increased Libido
  • Motivation
  • Lose Fat Easier
  • Build Muscle Faster
  • Improve Strength

More testosterone pretty much equals a greater quality of life.

Testogen may be able to assist you with boosting testosterone.

Don’t wait any longer if you’re experiencing signs of low testosterone. It’s time to take your life back.


The formula supporting Testogen will help your entire body by producing more testosterone.

It’s because most of the ingredients in Testogen might be able to help increase testosterone. You’ll come across a lot of pure components in the formula such as Fenugreek, D-Aspartic Acid and Red Ginseng.

The full process of fostering T levels is achieved in a safe and natural manner. This also means you will not be experiencing any side effects.

Let’s take a look at the positives and negatives of the Item


  • Safely Boosts Testosterone
  • Helps With Gaining Muscles
  • Raise Libido & Sex Drive
  • Helps With Gaining Muscles
  • Accelerate Recovery
  • Improve Erection Quality
  • High-Quality Ingredients
  • Scientifically Researched


  • Need to Take 4 Capsules Per Day
  • Limited Availability
  • Slightly More Expensive Than Competitors

It’s a very advanced formula. It is no surprise that it belongs to one of the very best testosterone boosters in the marketplace.


This testosterone booster is formulated with only secure, pure and organic ingredients. That means that you’ll experience no side effects as it’s completely safe to use.

It’s also one of the chief reasons this merchandise has gotten so popular. It is very safe, yet good at boosting T levels.

Always ensure you stick to the recommended dosage, which is 4 capsules every day.


Testogen is made up of only natural ingredients. I have reviewed a great deal of different testosterone boosters such as Andro400 and Nugenix.

I found that Testogen gets the most complete and effectual test boosting formulation.

Let’s take a look at the ingredients and why it’s considered one of the very best.

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You might find that Testogen contains over 11 different powerful ingredients.

Including key ingredients such as:

A number of the ingredients in Testogen have promising consequences in regards to boosting testosterone.

This means that it has the ability that will assist you to reach optimum testosterone levels. This is going to lead to more energy, muscle mass and a better quality of life.

This product does not contain any dangerous ingredients. All components are through extensive research before being approved.

You won’t have to be concerned about any side effects. Additionally, you’re also able to see all the ingredients in this product.


If you’re struggling with low T signs, I highly suggest trying it. In the event you are not certain whether you’re experiencing low testosterone symptoms, they’re as follows…

  • Low Sex Drive
  • Weak Erections
  • Tired All The Time
  • Decline Of Muscle Mass
  • Reduced Energy And Strength
  • Increased Fat Gain

It’s not only for individuals with low testosterone. Pretty much everyone can use it if you’re looking for a boost.

If you would like to acquire optimal testosterone levels, you can try Testogen.

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With more hormones, you’ll have more energy throughout the day.

Plus the fact that you are going to have the ability to put on muscle simpler. Additionally, I discovered that it greatly assisted with getting rid of fat.

Over the span of many weeks, I truly began to notice the consequences. As I said, it is unquestionably one of the better-formulated products on the market.


A good deal of people have requested me. .

Where Can I Buy Testogen?

It’s available via the official Testogen site and e-commerce sites like Amazon.

As for me, I always buy from the official site. They constantly run promo deals that end up saving you a massive chunk of money.

Currently, they are running a buy 2 get 1 free promo sale on the official website.

This means you’ll find an extra free one month supply. If you’re thinking about giving this product a shot, then now is definitely the time to stock up.

There is also free worldwide shipping on all orders. I usually get my orders within 2 to 3 days.

And if you are not pleased with the item, they supply a 60-day money-back guarantee.

But trust me, that won’t be the case.


Testogen is an extremely effective testosterone booster. It’s definitely worth each penny, because, in my opinion, it works.

It is composed of only natural ingredients in doses that are effective. It’s used by males of every age. In addition, it is popular amongst fitness enthusiasts, bodybuilders, and other athletes.

If you’re having problems related to low testosterone you should strive Testogen.

Within only a week you’ll start feeling the positive consequences.

What are you waiting for?

The supplement market is good for about $37 billion a year and supplement companies are continuously growing and actively looking for new successful products to market and promote.

Now we will be checking out a quite promising muscle building nutritional supplement called Phosphatidic Acid.

There has been a great deal of hype surrounding Phosphatic Acid, but what does Phosphatidic Acid have to offer when it comes to muscle growth?


Phosphatidic Acid, also known as PA is a phospholipid. Phospholipids are important molecules which play an important role in cell security. But even more important, it activates the mammalian target of rapamycin also called mTOR. At this time, you’re probably wondering, what does this have to do with gaining muscle?


Well, mTOR activation must promote muscle gains. The mTOR is notorious for regulating protein synthesis in skeletal muscle mass.

Simply put, Phosphatidic Acid signals the mTOR which will increase muscle protein synthesis.

mTOR controls the anabolic and catabolic signalling of skeletal muscle mass, leading to the modulation of muscular hypertrophy and muscle contractions .

It is possible to discover Phosphatidic in natural food resources such as cabbage and radish leaves. On the other hand, the amount PA found in these foods are incredibly low. To give you an idea, cabbage contains roughly 0.5 milligrams of Phosphatidic Acid per g.

In studies performed using Phosphatidic Acid around 250 to 750 mg of PA has been administered. The only way to consume enough PA would be through supplements. Phosphatidic acid supplements generally have a few hundred grams per capsule, for instance, Enhanced Athlete’s MTOR-RX has 400mg of PA per capsule.

This is where things get interesting, you obviously want to learn when Phosphatidic Acid can help you gain additional muscle mass. Well, there have been 5 research studies performed with PA and they are quite promising if you ask me. It is worth mentioning that the results of each study fairly different let’s have a look.

When we have a look at the first study done on Phosphatidic Acid, 16 resistance-trained males randomly consumed placebo or 750 mg of PA.. During the weeks of this study, the test subjects all engaged in bodily exercise.

During each training session, areas assessed to determine if potency increased. This was done with every topic perform one repetition maximums on either the squat or bench press. Lean body mass and muscle depth were also closely monitored each and every week.

The outcomes of this specific research are pretty amazing, the areas that required 750mg of a Phosphatidic Acid Supplement daily had a 12.7% rise in squat strength as well as a whopping 2.6% growth in Lean Body Mass. The placebo group has a 9.3% growth in strength together with a 0.1% change in LBM.

In another study done with Phosphatidic Acid, the outcomes were somewhat different. Subjects were given either placebo or 250mg and 375mg of Phosphatidic Acid for 8 weeks. The outcomes, however, showed that the participants did not gain any substantial quantity of strength and size.

It is sort of confusing when you examine the two research performed. The first study clearly uses a greater dose than the other one. What we do know is that PA is more safe to use in doses upwards of 750mg. When you compare PA to additional accessible supplements, I think it is definitely worth trying to see if it works.

Combine this stuff with a good diet and workout program and you will surely be making great profits. Here’s what a renowned bodybuilding trainer needed to say about Phosphatic Acid.

You’ve got to take into consideration we are discussing a natural and legal dietary supplement here. In my view, Phosphatidic Acid is a very interesting chemical which has a lot to offer.

Whether you are already enhanced or natural, Phosphatic Acid certainly has its place in bodybuilding.

If you’re thinking about looking out PA, I would suggest going with a dose of 750mg per day. As revealed in the pilot study that the higher dose of 750mg yielded more results than when carrying 250 or 375mg a day.

It’s advised that you take about half the dose 30 minutes before working out followed by the rest of the dose after your workout.

If you do not feel comfortable starting off with 750mg, you can always try using a lesser dosage. Make sure that you construct the dose up gradually.

As you may already understand a Phosphatidic Acid Supplement is quite unique and not a great deal of supplement companies are carrying it out. This stuff can be used by athletes that are natural, analyzed athletes and even people who are using PEDs. It’s a great all-natural product to grow your daily stack, a great deal of people who have taken the Phosphatidic Acid Supplement appear to swear by it.

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Enhanced Athlete simply came out with their own Phosphatidic Acid Supplement called MTOR-RX. As you guys may already know I’m a massive fan of EA, they always come out with new and exciting stuff. They have a DMHA Pre workout, make certain to check out that as well.

MTOR-RX Includes roughly 1200mg of PA a 3 capsules. This usually means you will be getting more than enough PA to get the full muscle building effects. In my view, it’s among the very best legal anabolic supplements available on the marketplace.

To sum up everything, you can expect the following from this Phosphatidic Acid Supplement:

  • Increase in Lean Muscle Mass
  • Increase in Power
  • Encourages muscle recovery
  • PA Stimulates the mTOR Task

You may simply buy MTOR-RX off the improved Athlete site. MTOR-RX is very popular and has been sold out very quickly, so make sure to stock up while you can.

BPC 157 is one of several peptides to be found on the supplement marketplace. However, what sets it apart from its competitors is the fact that it’s extracted from a gastrointestinal protective protein.

So far, just rodent studies have been conducted on BPC-157 and they all agree on something; BPC-157 has powerful protective properties that encompass other areas of the body besides the gut. Research data shows that BPC-157 can help heal ulcers, intestinal damage, joint, and bone damage, in addition to cure a number of inflammatory disorders. It’s been demonstrated to heal damaged organs and influence the mind. In certain research studies where PBC-157 was administered into poisoned or surgically damaged rats, the peptide was shown to have incredibly protective properties.

Although further research has to be run in order to verify BPC-157’s capacity to cure numerous levels of the body, there is enough evidence to confirm that it’s a beneficial impact on angiogenesis growth factors. Angiogenesis refers to the process through which blood vessels are manufactured in the human body and it has an important part in healing damaged tissue.

All of this is great and well, but it is based only on animal research. Further research has to be conducted to reveal if BPC-157 has the same effects on people.


Image result for HOW BPC-157 WORKS

Research on BPC-157 has been continuing since 1991 and outcomes indicate that the peptide has the capability to repair damaged bones, teeth, muscles, tendons, as well as intestines. This information is based on in-vitro lab tests as well as in-vivo studies conducted on both rodents and people. Some of those human trials included injecting the peptide under the skin (subcutaneously) and into the muscles (intramuscularly).

SuppVersity printed an article on BPC-157 which showed that the peptide has the following therapeutic benefits:

  • Heal’s tendons and bones in a way that rivals conventional surgical methods;
  • Stimulates the healing of the bones and ligaments by promoting enhanced cell survival and cell migration. These results are based on rodent research on mice that were influenced by an Achilles tendon rupture. The mice had the peptide administered to them through drinking water;
  • It has the power to offset the gut-damaging effects which you get from taking NSAIDs such as Advil and Ibuprofen. Scientists were amazed at the results that they called BPC-157 an antidote to NSAIDs;
  • Mice with inflammatory bowel disease cured within days of ingesting the peptide;
  • it’s been shown to heal periodontitis in mice. In reality, BPC-157 is so capable of healing this condition that scientists are considering the possibility of making it a viable treatment for this ;
  • It healed and reversed systemic corticosteroid-impaired muscle healing in mice. These results happened after the mice took one dose of the peptide per day for 14 days;
  • It fast-tracked the recovery of segmental bone defect in rabbits.

Scientists recognize BPC-157 as a”stable gastric pentadecapeptide”, owing to its capacity to bring balance to human gastric juice. Additionally, it has been shown to treat ulcers, cure inflammatory bowel disease as well as the upper and lower GI tract with remarkable efficiency. The best part is that BPC-157 does not come with any adverse side-effects!

The abovementioned studies all indicate that BPC-157 works good when it comes to fast-tracking wound recovery. Through its positive interaction with the nitric oxide (NO) system, BPC-157 helps heal wounds by building up the blood vessels and protecting the endothelial tissue. In addition, it promotes gene expression while especially targeting genes which are responsible for collagen formation, generation of growth factor and cytokine. It can also heal intestinal anastomosis and short bowel syndrome. Each of the abovementioned conditions are known to affect sufferers of bowel inflammation, constipation, nausea, and stomach pain. These positive effects are observed even in states that had reached advanced stages.

Below you’ll find a video about BPC-157 and TB-500 for curing purposes. A good deal of questions have been answers about what BPC-157 is and how you can use it. This is, of course, all anecdotal and consumer experience.


So far, no side effects have been observed in the use of BPC-157. Although there were reports of mild illness or nausea among users, both effects were attributed to being the consequence of the human body acclimating itself into the peptide. Aside from that, BPC-157 is extremely secure and has amazing healing properties that positively impact the organs. Even clinical phase 2 research outcomes have shown no side effects.

Where to Purchase BPC-157
The very best method to source BPC-157 at the moment is via one of the many online providers which exist. However, as with any online purchase, you are going to have to do some research and be cautious. You will most likely find it advertised on cheesy sites that don’t actually look like much, because technically no-one’s permitted to sell this material for human usage.

There’s no telling what kind of BPC-157 is the best, but it is safe to say any website which comes clean about the peptide’s standing is trustworthy. Keep an eye out for a note on the website which says”offered only for lab chemical research”

Depending on the study conducted on BPC-157 so far, a single dose of 1-10 mcg per kg of body weight taken once daily is the very best way to go. This provides the maximum systematic benefit for the body and equates to 200-800 mcg per day based on the individual’s body weight. Most people who’ve taken it say they derive the most benefit if they take it in doses of 250-350 mcg twice per day, which equates to 500-700 mcg every day in total.

Below you’ll discover a very simple but effective BPC-157 dosage plan for healing purposes. This can be for people who are willing to recover from a insury like a pec tear or have bad elbows from training hard in the gym or maybe in different sports such as Golf and Tennis.

BPC-157 Dosage

This demonstrates that there’s no 1 size fits all approach when it comes to the dose recommendation, and it all depends on the individual. It’s worth mentioning here that a number of the gentle reactions mostly happened in cases where a higher dosage of the peptide was taken. However, they only lasted for a couple of hours at a time and dissipated with a lesser dose. So proceed with caution and if you notice any side-effects decrease the dose until you discover something that is right for you.

In this video Coach Trevor out of Enhanced Athlete will tell you how to use BPC-157 and TB-500 for healing a pectoral tear.

As previously mentioned, BPC-157 includes a systemic impact on the body.

The subcutaneous method is the easiest and least painful because it involves simulating the injection under the skin, preferably in a place as close to this injury or pain-point as you can.

As an alternative, you may inject BPC-157 intramuscularly, so stabbing the needle right into the muscle. Obviously , this is a very painful method, particularly once you consider that it’s typically performed in an area that’s close to the harm too.

Definitely the simplest method is to spray the peptide into your mouth. Just be sure to maintain the liquid in your mouth for approximately 90 to 120 seconds before consuming.

If you’re okay with needles then you could always decide on a subcutaneous needle rather. All you have to do is pinch a place of the skin as close as you can to the injury, which makes sure to angle the needle so that it sort of”slips” under the area of the skin which you’ve pinched rather than directly onto it. This is sometimes somewhat difficult to accomplish that it might be a fantastic idea to find someone to help you out with it. Don’t forget to use an alcohol swab to clean the area of the skin which you are about to inject, as well as the rubber stopper prior to and after the injection.

The most debilitating yet similarly effective method which it is possible to select is your intramuscular injection. Similar to subcutaneous injections, this technique requires you to clean the rubber stopper and the region of the skin which you’re about to inject with an alcohol swab. But you’ll be stabbing the skin with the needle rather than working it like you would with the subcutaneous method. Keep in mind that you’ll be administering the needle as close to the affected area as you can, which may add to the pain. However, thinking happy thoughts have been shown to help in some instances although we can not guarantee the effectiveness of that method. On the bright side, this technique will allow the peptide to operate quickly and accelerate recovery.

After studying all the information on this guide, you’re probably wondering to yourself why nobody has advised you about this incredibly healing peptide yet.

Among the problems is that BPC-157 isn’t patentable which means the pharmaceutical industry can’t earn money from it. Your physician probably does not know about it since it’s not being marketed, and since it is not governed by the FDA, BPC-157 technically is not permitted to be marketed for human use. And that is regardless of the fact that BPC-157 is a natural gastric juice peptide.

The good thing is that BPC-157 has not been banned by sport governing bodies such as WADA and USADA. It follows that athletes and bodybuilders can still take it and benefit from its own therapeutic properties.

But the lack of long-term human studies on BPC-157 means there’s a chance of it getting prohibited by those governing bodies in the future.

But BPC-157 is pretty safe to carry, as no adverse side effects have been demonstrated in the short-term clinical trials that have been conducted up to now. Therefore, if you have a issue with gut inflammation, any of the conditions mentioned in the following guide, then you might want to consider it as a kind of treatment.

Sarms4You is reported to be among the biggest SARMs suppliers in the industry at the moment. It may seem brief for androgen receptor modulators for those who are not familiar with SARMs. The reason why I have resolved to produce this Sarms4You review is that they are one of the few suppliers that have gained my trust. I’ll tell you exactly what to expect when purchasing from them and share my experiences.

This organization is famous for having the greatest assortment on the market. They’ve pretty much every SARM accessible, including RAD140 and S23. All products are available as powders that are uncooked or capsules.

It’s great to see as I’m a huge fan of capsules as well that both variations are carried by them. The liquids usually taste very strong and I frankly can’t stand them.

The goods are expensive in comparison to other vendors, but it is for. By way of instance, a bottle of MK-677 (Ibutamoren) capsules will cost approximately $70. A gram of Cardarine is about $45. I’d rather pay a little extra understanding I will get actual SARMs. There are many stories of people receiving fake products that you don’t want to be taking some risks. It is worth mentioning that if you buy many bottles you’ll get an extra discount.

Sarms4You has among the very best customer service I’ve ever received. I am 100% serious, these guys are amazing. I received a reply and had a couple of questions regarding setting an order. The customer support has been helpful and took the time to answer my questions. Other than that, they provided me with a discount code. I ended up ordering LGD-4033, MK-2866 and MK-677. They worked great and I ended up getting great results.

Since my initial purchase, they have become my new source. This company has yet to let me down with all the great quality of the research solutions.

The wonderful thing about Sarms4You is that they have third-party test results available for many SARMs. Should you ask them to get it this is the principal reason they provide documentation.

Testing is important since it guarantees you that you’re purchasing real SARMs. You won’t need to worry about receiving bulk or under-dosed products when buying from these guys. The Certificate of Analysis (CoA) will demonstrate the purity of each chemical, which is typically above 99%.

Some SARMs providers don’t even test their merchandise, so you don’t know what you are currently becoming. Steer clear from businesses that don’t offer test results because they might be sending fake stuff to you.

Yes, Sarms4You is legit. I am presently running a few of their SARMs and they are real. I asked them to provide evaluation results that I obtained within a few hours. It is good to know that there are still companies out there that take things.

They’re one of the very few resources left that sell products that are of high quality. I have tested multiple sources but found these guys to have the best SARMs for sale. If you’re looking to purchase Selective androgen receptor modulators (SARMs) I suggest checking them out. Do not forget to use the coupon code that I provided you guys with.

Also, make certain that you check out the following Sarms4You review, you’ll observe that many people are extremely satisfied with the quality and shipping.

There are not a lot of trustworthy vendors left in the marketplace. Bulk goods have been bought by a good deal of my followers from sources. Trust me, you don’t want to wind up purchasing fake merchandise once it comes to those compounds.

Fortunately, Sarms4You is still about providing people with quality solutions. You know you are going to get legitimate products, although the prices might not be the very best. The fact that they supply testing is a great way of showing they have the real thing. On top of this, delivery is fast and the customer support is very trustworthy. I would consider checking them out if you’re after a dependable source.

As Ice skating happens every four years and you are missing out on a lot of stuff about the behind the scenes due to this long wait. Don’t worry! We have gathered some facts about Ice skating that will make you appreciate this perfect pairing of Art and Athleticism.


The Oldest winter game


Debuted in the London Olympic Games in the year 1908, Ice skating predates the beginning of the formal winter games for more than 16 years.

winter game


Skates used to be made of animal bones


Thousands of years ago, there were no proper means of transportation in Finland, that is when the idea of strapping animal bones to their feet came across which would help them glide on the frozen lakes rather than walking around them. Metal blades did not come into practice until the 13th century.



Ice Dancing grew from Waltz


Modern Ice Skating involves Ice dancing, an activity which can be dated back to London in 1862. The most concrete example for Ice dancing comes from the 1880s where the Vienna Skating Club began to mimic Waltz on ice, which was not recognised by the Winter games as a competitive sport until 1976.



The First world championships were Gender-mixed


In an Event in 1896, there was only one division for men, but when the world championship was held in London of 1902, Madge Syers entered the competition and won second place. Due to which a separate division was made of women after three years.



A plane crash killed wiped the entire US team


When American skaters we travelling to Prague in the year 1961 the plane crashed and killed everyone on board. Due to respect for those who were lost the competition was cancelled for that year.  It took a lot of time for America to rebound from the incident again the International presence.


The blade is serrated in front


There is a barely visible serrated edge on the tip of the blade which allows the Ice skaters to pivot and take stop short. Also known as a toe pick it enables the ice skater to grab the ice and help prepare for a jump.



Male skaters cannot do certain moves


certain moves


The layback spin is a move that requires skaters to lean back with their shoulders and head putting a considerable amount of pressure on their spinal cord. This demands flexibility and is generally notices that women seem to have a lot of success doing this spin than their male counterparts.



300RPM is the rate at which they spin


When a skater executes a spinning jump, he/she does it at more than 300 revolutions per hours (RPM) which is as much RPM as an astronaut’s centrifugal training.

Figure skaters often find themselves woefully under-represented (or misrepresented) in entertainment. In the 1970s there was perhaps the most realistic skating film of all, Ice Castles, followed by the unlikely (but classic) romantic comedy/sports film The Cutting Edge. Following these in recent decades were several reiterations of The Cutting Edge franchise, spoofs like On Thin Ice and Blades of Glory, and an unrealistic but cute Disney film Ice Princess. There was also at least one Hallmark movie which showcased figure skating but only as a plot device for romance, Most recently, a modern remake of Ice Castles was shown in theaters, and unlike most of the other skating films, featured National level figure skater Taylor Firth in the starring role and included several skating performances performed by Firth.

In the early 2000s, there was discussion of an “ICE Channel” coming to select cable providers which would focus on figure skating and, among other shows and competitions, feature a figure skating soap opera. As I’m sure others were, I was disappointed when the channel never came to pass. The idea of a skating soap opera sounded intriguing, and the idea of being able to watch skating any time was very appealing.

Luckily, former figure skater Caitlin McCarthy is developing a show that is being described as “a soap opera on skates”, called FREE SKATE.

On cold winter afternoons at the Olympic Speed Skating Oval in Lake Placid you may have seen a handful of rugged individuals determinedly pursuing their dreams of Olympic success in the face of a myriad of adverse weather conditions.

One of these skaters, Esther Munoz, finished her senior year at Lake Placid High School, then moved to Salt Lake City, Utah, to pursue her career in speed skating. Her training partner, Fletcher Codd, is still here and in his final year of high school.

Codd, 17, is looking forward to another productive winter season in Lake Placid, and plans to use his training time here as a springboard into the next phase of his development after graduation.

“I think my season was great last year,” Codd said. “I really had fun and worked myself hard. Most of my goals I achieved, and I was very happy with that.

“This is my last year at Lake Placid, (and) I had a lot of fun while I was here. For further education, I was pursuing going to college out in the Salt Lake City, Utah area, but I haven’t made up my mind on what school to apply to yet.”

LAKE PLACID–The Lake Placid Olympic Oval, which in the past has served as a training venue for Olympic champions like Charles Jewtraw and Jack Shea, has also helped develop more recent speed skating champions like Apolo Anton Ohno, Shani Davis, Trevor Marsicano, and others before they moved on to the US Team. Now, after training at the Lake Placid Oval for several years, Lake Placid High School graduate Esther Munoz has made the next step in her training: a move to Salt Lake City, Utah, where she can train on the famous indoor Olympic Oval surrounded by elite skaters and coaches.

“I wanted to move to Salt Lake City because I wanted to be able to have access to an oval early on in the skating season, and also wanted to be surrounded by the National team.”

Lake Placid’s oval is a beautiful outdoor venue that continues to be used for races (including the US Long Track Age Group Nationals this season) and as a public speed skating and leisure skating facility. But, as the National and International competitive schedule has become more demanding, starts earlier in the season, and meets are held mainly on indoor tracks, it is considered the best course of action for aspiring elite skaters to train indoors. Not only is the ice available for training earlier than in outdoor rinks, but ice conditions can be controlled and skaters don’t have to battle rough ice, wind, or other elements as they would outdoors.

“I know that when I’m skating outside, my technique hurts a little bit because you’re trying to fight the wind and the weather. I don’t think about riding my skates, I think about just stepping and using everything I have to fight through that wind. But in indoor, you feel the glide, you can feel your edges better and concentrate more on your technique because you’re not trying to fight the wind and the weather. So you actually have to learn how to ride your skates longer, and think about pushing through your hips more.”

Most skating fans know the tragic story; in November 1995, while training with coach Marina Nueva and partner and wife Ekaterina “Katia” Goordeeva in Lake Placid for the Stars on Ice tour’s traditional opening show, Sergei Grinkov collapsed in the US rink. Initially reports suggested that he collapsed, but later reports stated that he “dropped to the ice gently”, sitting down after feeling dizzy. He passed away a little over an hour later after being transported to the Adirondack Medical Center nearby. Cause of death was found to be a heart attack; Grinkov was only 28 years old.

Gordeeva and Grinkov, called “G&G” by their fans, are considered one of the greatest pairs teams of all time, and as stated by Dick Button in this New York Times article :

“They were the quintessentially perfect pair,” said Dick Button, the two-time Olympic champion. “They had the strength, power and flow that so many skaters at the top of the world simply don’t have. He was superb in holding himself back to highlight the efforts of his partner. You could always see him pointing the focus of your eye to her.”

Grinkov’s sudden death was a shock to all the cast members, and the show was postponed.

As stated in Barry Wilner’s book “Stars on Ice: An Intimate Look at Skating’s Greatest Tour”:

Sergei was buried in Moscow on the same day Stars on Ice was to debut for the season in Lake Placid. The cast had continued rehearsing, then everyone left upstate New York for Thanksgiving weekend. When they returned, their heavy hearts told them the right thing to do. “We have to put on a great show for Sergei and Katia,” Scott said. Then days after Sergei’s death, the 1995-96 tour debuted at the Olympic Center in Lake Placid. “We couldn’t get it done fast enough, and I hope you understand,” Scott told the crowd. “What we’re presenting on Sergei’s shoulders, is the best we’ve got, and I’m sure it’s going to be good enough. We’re going to give you something real special.” The show’s first act closed with a tearful introduction by Scott of “G&G,” inviting the spectators to close their eyes and imagine the pair was on the ice. Grieg’s “Concerto in A Minor,” the music to which Katia and Sergei would have skated, echoed throughout the arena.”

These poignant moments have become part of Stars on Ice–and figure skating–history. Later, Gordeeva wrote “My Sergei-A Love Story” about her relationship with Grinkov.