As Ice skating happens every four years and you are missing out on a lot of stuff about the behind the scenes due to this long wait. Don’t worry! We have gathered some facts about Ice skating that will make you appreciate this perfect pairing of Art and Athleticism.


The Oldest winter game


Debuted in the London Olympic Games in the year 1908, Ice skating predates the beginning of the formal winter games for more than 16 years.

winter game


Skates used to be made of animal bones


Thousands of years ago, there were no proper means of transportation in Finland, that is when the idea of strapping animal bones to their feet came across which would help them glide on the frozen lakes rather than walking around them. Metal blades did not come into practice until the 13th century.



Ice Dancing grew from Waltz


Modern Ice Skating involves Ice dancing, an activity which can be dated back to London in 1862. The most concrete example for Ice dancing comes from the 1880s where the Vienna Skating Club began to mimic Waltz on ice, which was not recognised by the Winter games as a competitive sport until 1976.



The First world championships were Gender-mixed


In an Event in 1896, there was only one division for men, but when the world championship was held in London of 1902, Madge Syers entered the competition and won second place. Due to which a separate division was made of women after three years.



A plane crash killed wiped the entire US team


When American skaters we travelling to Prague in the year 1961 the plane crashed and killed everyone on board. Due to respect for those who were lost the competition was cancelled for that year.  It took a lot of time for America to rebound from the incident again the International presence.


The blade is serrated in front


There is a barely visible serrated edge on the tip of the blade which allows the Ice skaters to pivot and take stop short. Also known as a toe pick it enables the ice skater to grab the ice and help prepare for a jump.



Male skaters cannot do certain moves


certain moves


The layback spin is a move that requires skaters to lean back with their shoulders and head putting a considerable amount of pressure on their spinal cord. This demands flexibility and is generally notices that women seem to have a lot of success doing this spin than their male counterparts.



300RPM is the rate at which they spin


When a skater executes a spinning jump, he/she does it at more than 300 revolutions per hours (RPM) which is as much RPM as an astronaut’s centrifugal training.