On cold winter afternoons at the Olympic Speed Skating Oval in Lake Placid you may have seen a handful of rugged individuals determinedly pursuing their dreams of Olympic success in the face of a myriad of adverse weather conditions.

One of these skaters, Esther Munoz, finished her senior year at Lake Placid High School, then moved to Salt Lake City, Utah, to pursue her career in speed skating. Her training partner, Fletcher Codd, is still here and in his final year of high school.

Codd, 17, is looking forward to another productive winter season in Lake Placid, and plans to use his training time here as a springboard into the next phase of his development after graduation.

“I think my season was great last year,” Codd said. “I really had fun and worked myself hard. Most of my goals I achieved, and I was very happy with that.

“This is my last year at Lake Placid, (and) I had a lot of fun while I was here. For further education, I was pursuing going to college out in the Salt Lake City, Utah area, but I haven’t made up my mind on what school to apply to yet.”