Phenibut (beta-phenyl-gamma-aminobutyric acid HCI) is among the very well-known nootropics available on the market. It was produced by the Soviet Union to help treat anxiety and improve sleep.

I’m a big fan of Phenibut since it helps me a great deal in a variety of situations. I have been experimenting with it for about half a year now. I mainly experience the following advantages when using it:

  • Improves My Mood
  • Better Concentration & Focus
  • Fights Social Anxiety
  • Helps With Relaxing
  • Euphoric Feelings
  • Deep Sleeps
  • More Motivation

Most folks mainly use it to help fight societal anxiety. I’ve found it to be very effective at doing this. For me personally, it actually helps take the edge off.

In an ordinary situation where I’d feel nervous and nervous, it helps me stay relaxed and calm. It will not get you high or anything like that, it’s just a very serene feeling that helps you feel clear.

However, what I like about Phenibut is that it gives me excellent focus, focus and mental clarity. It is very helpful when I want to carry out a great deal of work.



Phenibut Dosage  500 – 2000mg

The general phenibut dose is anywhere from 500 to 2000mg daily.

If it’s your first time attempting Phenibut, it’s advised to start out with a low dose of just 250 to 500mg. More experienced users may use anywhere from 1000 to 1500mg daily.

Some might even go up 2000mg per day but this is considered an extremely high dosage. Do NOT take over the maximum of two g per day.

Everyone has a different tolerance to these substances. You definitely don’t want to take too much if its your first time researching with this product.

If you do not feel the effects you’re looking for you can slightly increase your dosage next time.

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First-Time User                    250 to 500mg

Advanced                                500mg to 1000mg

Experienced                           1000mg to 2000mg

As soon as I took it for the first time I made sure to only take 500mg. From here I slowly built up the dosage until I got the desirable effects. My sweet spot is around 1 to 1,5 g.

Always be sure that you correctly weigh out your phenibut dose. I can’t stress this enough, it is extremely important that you be aware of how much you’re taking.


There are various methods that you can take Phenibut. In my view, there is no best’ way to shoot it.

It comes down to personal taste. By way of example, if you can’t stand the taste of Pheni it is a good idea to utilize the capsules so that you don’t taste anything at all.

Let us take a peek at the most common ways about the best way best to take phenibut.


A whole lot of users choose pheni powder because it’s fast-acting and usually a lot more affordable than capsules.

I am also a big fan of taking powder because I don’t have to wait around for the capsules to digest in my gut.

There are different ways to select powder.

You are able to decide on the throw and wash method in which you toss the dose on your mouth and down it with a drink.

Or you may go with all the stir and drink method. Simply drop your dosage in a drink and stir until it completely dissolves. Once dissolved, you can drink it,


Among the most typical tactics to take Phenibut is via capsules. This way, you will avoid the sour after taste of the powder.

They are convenient and easy to take. It’s possible to simply consume them with a beverage and wait for the effects to kick. Another advantage of capsules is that you’ll know exactly how much you are taking. Most capsules contain approximately 500mg.

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But capsules are usually somewhat more expensive than regular powder. They are also able to take more time to kick as the capsules have to fully digest first.


Many of you probably wonder what kind of phenibut high feels like.

A lot of people explain the high as a sweet and sweet experience. I agree with this helped me with improving focus and concentration.

The most-reported consequences associated with a phenibut high are:

  • Improved Focus
  • Reduced Anxiety & Stress
  • Concentration Boost
  • More Energy

However, you can experience both good and bad sensations.

This is why I always tell my followers the dosage is very important. When you take too much it can result in a bad experience. In that case, you may experience headaches, fatigue and nausea.

I also need to add that you can quickly become tolerant of Phenibut that’s why a lot of users decide to restrict usage.

A good deal of users will also combine it with Kratom but I think this is a bad idea.


It may take quite a while for Phenibut to kick. Generally, it may take anywhere from 2-3 hours for this to completely kick in.

I have also heard of individuals who had to wait approximately 3 to 4 hours to go through the effects.

There are a few factors that play a part in how long it takes to kick in. Those are:

  1. Strategy Of Allergic. There are multiple techniques to take your dosage. When you take phenibut capsules, then it will take a while for them to fully digest in the gut. This means it will take more time to kick in.
    When you choose powder with juice or water, it is usually a lot quicker than consuming capsules.
  2. Tolerance. When you have built up a tolerance for this compound, it will take longer for it to kick in. Some customers have reported that it took 4 hours to allow them to go through the repercussions of Phenibut.
  3. Empty Or Full Stomach. This one makes a world of difference for me. While I’ve had a massive meal nootropic will take more time to kick in. Most users take Phenibut in an empty stomach because the consequences will kick in quicker.

If you aren’t feeling the effects though you’ve waited for several hours the dose might be too low. In this instance, you could try raising it another time you choose it.


How Long Does It Last?

4 – 6 Hours

It is hard to state just how long it will last.

But according to anecdotal experiences, phenibut appears to last anywhere from 4 to 6 hours.

Of course, you’ll find people that have various experiences where it continues longer or maybe even briefer. Generally, many users experience the ramifications for about 4-6 hours.

However, a few people might experience the effects for even longer than those 6 months. I’ve seen reviews where people would still feel the effects until the following day.

Personally I found the results to be present the following day. It is just like you can still feel the ramifications for another day but much less strong.


When someone is dependant on Phenibut they could begin to experience withdrawal symptoms as soon as they stop using it. It can be very severe and some individuals have difficulty managing it.

Phenibut withdrawal symptoms may include fatigue, brain fog, hallucinations, dizziness and insomnia.

As I previously mentioned you can quickly develop a tolerance for this material. This is why you need to not use it too often and make certain that your dosage is appropriate.


A whole lot of my followers ask me where to purchase phenibut.

There are different places where you can purchase them. But according to my personal experience, I strongly suggest purchasing it from IceBlueCBD.

The reason I purchase from them is they have third party results demonstrating that the Phenibut is legitimate and pure.

It is important to understand that you are purchasing a fantastic excellent product.

Testogen is presently among the most effective testosterone boosters in the marketplace.

It consists of a high-quality blend of ingredients that could help with boosting the hormone.

But how does this compare to other popular testosterone boosters on the marketplace?


Testosterone is very important for men. It is a vital hormone that plays a role in muscle and bone growth.

Not only that, but it also affects your libido, power and overall quality of life.

The older you get, the more your testosterone drops.

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If your testosterone is low, you will probably encounter a lot of different symptoms.

A few of these symptoms include:

  • Low Power
  • Fatigued
  • Sexual Dysfunction
  • Insomnia
  • Poor Concentration
  • Decreased Muscle Tone

That is the reason it isn’t quite surprising that the majority of us want to have elevated testosterone levels.

Fortunately, are natural and safe techniques to help stimulate production.

I’m talking about testosterone boosters. Testogen is a premium brand testosterone booster.

It consists of different ingredients that may help with getting optimum hormone levels. When you have elevated testosterone levels, you can expect the following advantages:

  • Great Energy
  • Improved Concentration
  • More Focus
  • Increased Libido
  • Motivation
  • Lose Fat Easier
  • Build Muscle Faster
  • Improve Strength

More testosterone pretty much equals a greater quality of life.

Testogen may be able to assist you with boosting testosterone.

Don’t wait any longer if you’re experiencing signs of low testosterone. It’s time to take your life back.


The formula supporting Testogen will help your entire body by producing more testosterone.

It’s because most of the ingredients in Testogen might be able to help increase testosterone. You’ll come across a lot of pure components in the formula such as Fenugreek, D-Aspartic Acid and Red Ginseng.

The full process of fostering T levels is achieved in a safe and natural manner. This also means you will not be experiencing any side effects.

Let’s take a look at the positives and negatives of the Item


  • Safely Boosts Testosterone
  • Helps With Gaining Muscles
  • Raise Libido & Sex Drive
  • Helps With Gaining Muscles
  • Accelerate Recovery
  • Improve Erection Quality
  • High-Quality Ingredients
  • Scientifically Researched


  • Need to Take 4 Capsules Per Day
  • Limited Availability
  • Slightly More Expensive Than Competitors

It’s a very advanced formula. It is no surprise that it belongs to one of the very best testosterone boosters in the marketplace.


This testosterone booster is formulated with only secure, pure and organic ingredients. That means that you’ll experience no side effects as it’s completely safe to use.

It’s also one of the chief reasons this merchandise has gotten so popular. It is very safe, yet good at boosting T levels.

Always ensure you stick to the recommended dosage, which is 4 capsules every day.


Testogen is made up of only natural ingredients. I have reviewed a great deal of different testosterone boosters such as Andro400 and Nugenix.

I found that Testogen gets the most complete and effectual test boosting formulation.

Let’s take a look at the ingredients and why it’s considered one of the very best.

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You might find that Testogen contains over 11 different powerful ingredients.

Including key ingredients such as:

A number of the ingredients in Testogen have promising consequences in regards to boosting testosterone.

This means that it has the ability that will assist you to reach optimum testosterone levels. This is going to lead to more energy, muscle mass and a better quality of life.

This product does not contain any dangerous ingredients. All components are through extensive research before being approved.

You won’t have to be concerned about any side effects. Additionally, you’re also able to see all the ingredients in this product.


If you’re struggling with low T signs, I highly suggest trying it. In the event you are not certain whether you’re experiencing low testosterone symptoms, they’re as follows…

  • Low Sex Drive
  • Weak Erections
  • Tired All The Time
  • Decline Of Muscle Mass
  • Reduced Energy And Strength
  • Increased Fat Gain

It’s not only for individuals with low testosterone. Pretty much everyone can use it if you’re looking for a boost.

If you would like to acquire optimal testosterone levels, you can try Testogen.

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With more hormones, you’ll have more energy throughout the day.

Plus the fact that you are going to have the ability to put on muscle simpler. Additionally, I discovered that it greatly assisted with getting rid of fat.

Over the span of many weeks, I truly began to notice the consequences. As I said, it is unquestionably one of the better-formulated products on the market.


A good deal of people have requested me. .

Where Can I Buy Testogen?

It’s available via the official Testogen site and e-commerce sites like Amazon.

As for me, I always buy from the official site. They constantly run promo deals that end up saving you a massive chunk of money.

Currently, they are running a buy 2 get 1 free promo sale on the official website.

This means you’ll find an extra free one month supply. If you’re thinking about giving this product a shot, then now is definitely the time to stock up.

There is also free worldwide shipping on all orders. I usually get my orders within 2 to 3 days.

And if you are not pleased with the item, they supply a 60-day money-back guarantee.

But trust me, that won’t be the case.


Testogen is an extremely effective testosterone booster. It’s definitely worth each penny, because, in my opinion, it works.

It is composed of only natural ingredients in doses that are effective. It’s used by males of every age. In addition, it is popular amongst fitness enthusiasts, bodybuilders, and other athletes.

If you’re having problems related to low testosterone you should strive Testogen.

Within only a week you’ll start feeling the positive consequences.

What are you waiting for?

The supplement market is good for about $37 billion a year and supplement companies are continuously growing and actively looking for new successful products to market and promote.

Now we will be checking out a quite promising muscle building nutritional supplement called Phosphatidic Acid.

There has been a great deal of hype surrounding Phosphatic Acid, but what does Phosphatidic Acid have to offer when it comes to muscle growth?


Phosphatidic Acid, also known as PA is a phospholipid. Phospholipids are important molecules which play an important role in cell security. But even more important, it activates the mammalian target of rapamycin also called mTOR. At this time, you’re probably wondering, what does this have to do with gaining muscle?


Well, mTOR activation must promote muscle gains. The mTOR is notorious for regulating protein synthesis in skeletal muscle mass.

Simply put, Phosphatidic Acid signals the mTOR which will increase muscle protein synthesis.

mTOR controls the anabolic and catabolic signalling of skeletal muscle mass, leading to the modulation of muscular hypertrophy and muscle contractions .

It is possible to discover Phosphatidic in natural food resources such as cabbage and radish leaves. On the other hand, the amount PA found in these foods are incredibly low. To give you an idea, cabbage contains roughly 0.5 milligrams of Phosphatidic Acid per g.

In studies performed using Phosphatidic Acid around 250 to 750 mg of PA has been administered. The only way to consume enough PA would be through supplements. Phosphatidic acid supplements generally have a few hundred grams per capsule, for instance, Enhanced Athlete’s MTOR-RX has 400mg of PA per capsule.

This is where things get interesting, you obviously want to learn when Phosphatidic Acid can help you gain additional muscle mass. Well, there have been 5 research studies performed with PA and they are quite promising if you ask me. It is worth mentioning that the results of each study fairly different let’s have a look.

When we have a look at the first study done on Phosphatidic Acid, 16 resistance-trained males randomly consumed placebo or 750 mg of PA.. During the weeks of this study, the test subjects all engaged in bodily exercise.

During each training session, areas assessed to determine if potency increased. This was done with every topic perform one repetition maximums on either the squat or bench press. Lean body mass and muscle depth were also closely monitored each and every week.

The outcomes of this specific research are pretty amazing, the areas that required 750mg of a Phosphatidic Acid Supplement daily had a 12.7% rise in squat strength as well as a whopping 2.6% growth in Lean Body Mass. The placebo group has a 9.3% growth in strength together with a 0.1% change in LBM.

In another study done with Phosphatidic Acid, the outcomes were somewhat different. Subjects were given either placebo or 250mg and 375mg of Phosphatidic Acid for 8 weeks. The outcomes, however, showed that the participants did not gain any substantial quantity of strength and size.

It is sort of confusing when you examine the two research performed. The first study clearly uses a greater dose than the other one. What we do know is that PA is more safe to use in doses upwards of 750mg. When you compare PA to additional accessible supplements, I think it is definitely worth trying to see if it works.

Combine this stuff with a good diet and workout program and you will surely be making great profits. Here’s what a renowned bodybuilding trainer needed to say about Phosphatic Acid.

You’ve got to take into consideration we are discussing a natural and legal dietary supplement here. In my view, Phosphatidic Acid is a very interesting chemical which has a lot to offer.

Whether you are already enhanced or natural, Phosphatic Acid certainly has its place in bodybuilding.

If you’re thinking about looking out PA, I would suggest going with a dose of 750mg per day. As revealed in the pilot study that the higher dose of 750mg yielded more results than when carrying 250 or 375mg a day.

It’s advised that you take about half the dose 30 minutes before working out followed by the rest of the dose after your workout.

If you do not feel comfortable starting off with 750mg, you can always try using a lesser dosage. Make sure that you construct the dose up gradually.

As you may already understand a Phosphatidic Acid Supplement is quite unique and not a great deal of supplement companies are carrying it out. This stuff can be used by athletes that are natural, analyzed athletes and even people who are using PEDs. It’s a great all-natural product to grow your daily stack, a great deal of people who have taken the Phosphatidic Acid Supplement appear to swear by it.

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Enhanced Athlete simply came out with their own Phosphatidic Acid Supplement called MTOR-RX. As you guys may already know I’m a massive fan of EA, they always come out with new and exciting stuff. They have a DMHA Pre workout, make certain to check out that as well.

MTOR-RX Includes roughly 1200mg of PA a 3 capsules. This usually means you will be getting more than enough PA to get the full muscle building effects. In my view, it’s among the very best legal anabolic supplements available on the marketplace.

To sum up everything, you can expect the following from this Phosphatidic Acid Supplement:

  • Increase in Lean Muscle Mass
  • Increase in Power
  • Encourages muscle recovery
  • PA Stimulates the mTOR Task

You may simply buy MTOR-RX off the improved Athlete site. MTOR-RX is very popular and has been sold out very quickly, so make sure to stock up while you can.