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Figure skaters often find themselves woefully under-represented (or misrepresented) in entertainment. In the 1970s there was perhaps the most realistic skating film of all, Ice Castles, followed by the unlikely (but classic) romantic comedy/sports film The Cutting Edge. Following these in recent decades were several reiterations of The Cutting Edge franchise, spoofs like On Thin Ice and Blades of Glory, and an unrealistic but cute Disney film Ice Princess. There was also at least one Hallmark movie which showcased figure skating but only as a plot device for romance, Most recently, a modern remake of Ice Castles was shown in theaters, and unlike most of the other skating films, featured National level figure skater Taylor Firth in the starring role and included several skating performances performed by Firth.

In the early 2000s, there was discussion of an “ICE Channel” coming to select cable providers which would focus on figure skating and, among other shows and competitions, feature a figure skating soap opera. As I’m sure others were, I was disappointed when the channel never came to pass. The idea of a skating soap opera sounded intriguing, and the idea of being able to watch skating any time was very appealing.

Luckily, former figure skater Caitlin McCarthy is developing a show that is being described as “a soap opera on skates”, called FREE SKATE.